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Heavy Rain ARI: Would you like your shirt back? by Laffeetaffee Heavy Rain ARI: Would you like your shirt back? :iconlaffeetaffee:Laffeetaffee 4 0
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 22: Clear Skies
   Something was buzzing. It was getting difficult for Norman to ignore it. He shifted slightly, the warm light of the room filling his vision. Everything was so warm. So soft. He had no idea where he was, but it was a far cry from the watery abyss he was used to waking up from. He settled down, struggling to sink back into sleep.
   The buzzing stopped, rekindling his attention and pulling him back to reality. He was still here─ in his hotel room in Philadelphia. The wall opposite him glowed in the light of the sun, filling everything with a yellow hue. It gave a surreal impression, as though he were in one of his ARI environments. A light breeze blew against the window, and Norman was suddenly aware of how quiet it was. The rain had finally stopped.
   He ran a hand over his face as he rolled onto his back, the sheets wrapping around his body. Everything felt so strange. So peaceful. As if something new had taken over. He struggled to reorganize hi
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Bruno and Me in Prismacolor pencils by Laffeetaffee Bruno and Me in Prismacolor pencils :iconlaffeetaffee:Laffeetaffee 12 0
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Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 21: Obsession :iconlaffeetaffee:Laffeetaffee 0 0
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 20: Paper
   “Yes, the PPD can confirm that the Origami Killer was killed during a police operation on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Shaun Mars was rescued, and no one else has been harmed.”
   “You said yesterday that the Origami Killer had been apprehended. Isn’t Ethan Mars the killer?”
   “It has since been discovered that Ethan Mars was innocent. He was apparently manipulated by the Origami Killer in a sick series of trials that are still being investigated. We should have more information on that later.”
   “If Ethan Mars wasn’t the Origami Killer, who was?”
   “We’re not relaying that information just yet out of respect for the families involved.”
   “There’s a rumor that the Origami Killer may have been a retired police officer from this precinct. Can you comment on that, Captain?”
   Norman had to fight his laughter at the
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Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 19: Surrender
   Norman was nearly blinded by a dozen spotlights as he stepped out of the steel hanger. The helicopter roared overhead, and the rain pounded from above. He raised a hand to shield the light, and felt Ethan step close behind him.
   Voices echoed around him. For a moment, he simply stood still, waiting for a response from the army of police in front of him. They had to recognize him. Even if Blake was there, he wouldn’t simply shoot him. Still, he felt the petrifying unease of dozens of guns pointed in his direction.
   Norman bowed his head against the rain and blinding light, and moved forward. Slight pressure on his shoulder told him Ethan was right behind him. They hadn’t opened fire, and that was encouraging. Whether it was because Norman was blocking their line of fire or they were taking Ethan alive, Norman couldn’t be sure. And he wasn’t interesting in finding out.
   Someone shouted ahead, and there were heavy sp
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Mature content
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 18: The Old Warehouse :iconlaffeetaffee:Laffeetaffee 0 0
Mature content
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 17: The Origami Killer :iconlaffeetaffee:Laffeetaffee 0 0
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 16: A Reason To Live
   Norman pressed his clenched hands to either side of his head, closing his eyes as the sounds of the ocean drifted around him. The monster groaned behind him, and the water churned as the creatures shifted through the murky gloom. He had no idea how long he’d been sitting there at the desk he never thought he’d sit at again. Couldn’t be longer than the time he’d spent in the interrogation room being harassed with pointless questions.
   Even Perry had arrived to shout at him some more. Norman couldn’t explain how he’d managed to be witness to the deaths of six people in two days, and place countless others in danger. He couldn’t explain why he couldn’t just drop the case and go back to Washington. And despite his attempts to speak over them, he couldn’t prove that the man who attacked them at Club Synn was in fact the Origami Killer.
   So he’d humored their questions, trying not to explode over
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The More It Rains... Heavy Rain: Norman Jayden by Laffeetaffee The More It Rains... Heavy Rain: Norman Jayden :iconlaffeetaffee:Laffeetaffee 14 6
Mature content
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 15: Loss :iconlaffeetaffee:Laffeetaffee 0 0
Mature content
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 14: Club Synn :iconlaffeetaffee:Laffeetaffee 0 0
Mature content
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 13: Ethan Mars :iconlaffeetaffee:Laffeetaffee 0 0
Mature content
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 12: Mad Jack :iconlaffeetaffee:Laffeetaffee 0 0
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 11: Clue
   The station was starting to feel like home, especially because it was nearly empty of officers. Norman stepped through the sliding glass doors, pausing to pull the soaked leather jacket from his shoulders. A spray of water hit him, and he turned, raising a hand to his face as Ashley shook the water from her hair. She sighed heavily and looked sideways at him, her hair plastered to her face.
   “I’m really starting to hate being wet,” she said.
   “Well, at least you get to stay inside,” said Norman. He shook his leather jacket so that the floor was now a water puddle.
   “Wait, you’re leaving?” said Ashley, wringing the water from her ponytail.
   “I’ve got about fifty buildings to scout,” said Norman. He felt a weight fall on his shoulders as he remembered how hopeless the task seemed. “One of them has to be where the killer is keeping Shaun Mars.”
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Heavy Rain: ARI Ashley Gibbons by Laffeetaffee Heavy Rain: ARI Ashley Gibbons :iconlaffeetaffee:Laffeetaffee 1 0


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   Something was buzzing. It was getting difficult for Norman to ignore it. He shifted slightly, the warm light of the room filling his vision. Everything was so warm. So soft. He had no idea where he was, but it was a far cry from the watery abyss he was used to waking up from. He settled down, struggling to sink back into sleep.
   The buzzing stopped, rekindling his attention and pulling him back to reality. He was still here─ in his hotel room in Philadelphia. The wall opposite him glowed in the light of the sun, filling everything with a yellow hue. It gave a surreal impression, as though he were in one of his ARI environments. A light breeze blew against the window, and Norman was suddenly aware of how quiet it was. The rain had finally stopped.
   He ran a hand over his face as he rolled onto his back, the sheets wrapping around his body. Everything felt so strange. So peaceful. As if something new had taken over. He struggled to reorganize his fuzzy memory as his mind cleared. The Origami Killer case was finally closed. He’d saved Shaun and Ethan Mars. And last night…
   He looked to his left, the light burning through the window. Underneath the glare, he saw the faint dark outline of hair, followed by the arch of a shoulder and the curve of a waistline. As his sight adjusted, he saw her more clearly. The curve of her eyebrow and one closed eye just visible over her arm that was buried in the pillow.
   For a while he simply gazed at her, letting the memories of the previous night fill him again. A mash of images and emotions scattered themselves into order, following the press conference and the jacket. He felt an ache in his chest as he remembered the sensations he’d experienced with Ashley the night before. His rejection of everything he’d come to fear and doubt, and the complete surrender that followed after.
   She was here. Intruding on his personal space and wrecking all the walls he’d built around himself. Curled in the same sheets that he’d fallen from in the wake of his ARI nightmares. It was the most satisfying betrayal he’d ever felt. He’d left himself so vulnerable to her, completely exposed without question. And she gave something to him in return. Something so crippling that it threatened to break him entirely.
   She said she loved him…
   There was another sharp buzz, jerking his attention back. He raised himself up slightly by one arm, rubbing his eyes into focus. The floor came into view, cluttered with clothes items that trailed towards the bed like a timeline of events. A slow cascade of warmth fell over him as he remembered each motion. His tie just visible from underneath the clump of his sweater and jacket, followed by the black fabric of Ashley’s shirt, and her jeans lying just short of the bed next to Norman’s gray suit pants.
   He looked back at Ashley who was still motionless and then Norman slid off the bed, crouching next to it as he fumbled in his pants pocket. The phone vibrated as he pulled it free. He felt an uncomfortable jolt as he noticed the time. It hadn’t felt so long that he’d been here with her.
   There were several missed calls, and a message from a number that Norman recognized as Blake’s. He felt a nervous frustration burn through him as he pressed the phone to his ear.
   “Hey dipshit,” Blake’s recorded voice rang through the speaker. “This is the fifth time I’m calling you to let you know your car’s on the way to impound. You want it before then, you’d better get your ass over here before the secretary leaves.”
   Norman sighed as he dropped the phone, and he leaned back to rest against the side of the bed. He could always trust Blake to ruin things for him. He’d completely forgotten about Club Synn, and that his gun and badge were still locked in his car. The residual tension of the case crept slowly back. So much had happened. And there was still so much that he had to clean up.
   He rose to his feet, dragging a small armful of his clothes with him. He could see the bed more clearly, tangled and bunched. Ashley was carefully entwined in the sheets almost strategically, laying partly on her stomach with her slender leg drawn up and her head to one side. More of her face was visible, her brown hair drawn back to reveal her blank, sleeping expression. Norman studied her for a moment, wishing with shallow irony that he’d been a painter. The urge to ignore Blake’s message and simply fall back into bed with her was almost overwhelming. There was still so much of the day left. He could afford to keep his head straight for at least part of it.
   He stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind him and tossing his clothes into the sink. Something caught his attention in the mirror, and he paused as he looked at himself. His appearance was shocking. Black and purple spots peppered his body, some larger than others. The bruise in his eye had calmed, but if he didn’t know any better, he’d have thought he survived a traumatic car accident.
   He leaned against the sink, raising one hand to look at his knuckles. They were red, cut thinly in places. He was a complete wreck. And for some reason, he didn’t feel a thing. He couldn’t pinpoint exactly how he’d gotten so many injuries, though he suspected the bruises were a combination of his fight with Blake and the Origami Killer. Two shadows in his life he didn’t care to ever encounter again.
   Norman moved into the shower, pounding the faucet with his fist so that cold water rained onto him. He pressed his hands against the wall, leaning under the shower head as the water ran down his body, and he closed his eyes. There were some things he simply wasn’t going to escape no matter how hard he tried. Blake was always going to find ways to ruin his day. The bruises on his body ached as the cold water ignited them, eerily similar to the rainwater that had flooded the city the past week. He couldn’t escape them, but if he gave it enough time, they would hopefully disappear on their own.
   In the meantime, he could savor the freedom that had already been delivered to him. He had no idea how Ashley would be able to leave with him, or what his job situation would be when he returned to Washington. There was so much up in the air, and he had no intentions to sort it all. He simply wanted to leave as much of his nightmares behind and fill the space with only what he wanted. He straightened and ran a hand over his face as he reached for the faucet.
   His hand waved through open air. Norman rubbed the running water from his eyes, and felt a wave of dread fall over him has he stared into blackness.
   He spun, his movement suddenly sluggish. His heart hammered in his chest as blue lights dotted into existence around him as if clouds were clearing from a starry sky. The familiar deep atmosphere closed in around him, drawing him down into the abyss. His chest ached as he struggled to breathe. This couldn’t be happening. Not now.
   He moved forward and stumbled as he began to float. Panic raced through him, and he swung his arms to stabilize himself. The sensations were becoming more real by the second, and it was getting harder to breathe. He frantically tried to rationalize the situation. He hadn’t used the ARI at all. The triptocaine was gone. He shouldn’t be seeing this. Why was this happening to him?
   A deep groan echoed through the water, reverberating in his chest. Norman paused, fear tearing at him. In the distance, something scattered the blue dots, revealing a massive black shape.
   Norman thrashed in the water, clawing through the bioluminescence in a pathetic attempt to break free. He didn’t need this. Not again.
   Gravity suddenly pulled him forward, and he fell onto his hands and knees. The patter of the shower returned, and light filled his vision. He raised his head, adrenalin still coursing through his body. He was back in the bathroom.
   A heavy sigh left him, and he slid backwards so he rested against the wall. He ran a hand over his face. Still having nightmares. Even with the triptocaine gone and the ARI out of use since the day before. He was still in withdrawal. He flexed his hands as the residual energy left them. He would never get used to this, no matter how real it felt.
   He gave his head a shake as bitter anger raced through him. Just one more thing to interrupt his day. Ashley was right. The one thing he was most afraid of was himself.
   Norman quickly left the shower and carefully began to dress, avoiding contact with his bruises as much as possible. He shook his grey jacket straight, noticing that his shirt and tie were missing. He let out a breath as he swung his jacket over his bare shoulder. The unease of his episode was settling. No one needed to know he was still having withdrawal. He opened the bathroom door and stepped into the hotel room.
   A nervous twinge hit his chest as he immediately locked eyes with Ashley. She was sitting cross-legged on the bed, her form lit from behind by the light of the sun. Her hair was in messy waves about her shoulders, and Norman realized with a jolt that she was wearing his white shirt, buttoned loosely and severely wrinkled. Her brown eyes had regained their clueless expression, fueling the nervous twinge in his chest. He would never get used to that either.
   She shifted as she lowered a plastic fork, and Norman noticed the small cup of fruit in her hand. Her wide-eyed appearance made her seem almost suspicious, as if she’d been caught doing something she shouldn’t. For a moment, Norman debated what to say, giving him time for his heart to calm.
   He pulled the jacket from his shoulder, catching his breath. “That’s my shirt,” he said.
   Ashley looked down as if she’d just noticed she was wearing it. She looked back at him, a small smile playing on her lips. “I don’t know how that happened.”
   “Really?” Norman moved to the dresser, feeling his face tense in a smile. “And how did that happen?” He nodded towards the cup of fruit as he rummaged through the drawer.
   “From the fridge,” said Ashley. Norman straightened slightly as Ashley speared an orange slice with the fork.
   “The fridge?” he said. Ashley’s clueless brown eyes met his again, and she pointed the fork towards the wall.
   “Your… fridge.” She took a bite from the orange fruit, staring at him. “It’s built into the panel.” She dropped her shoulders as she chewed. “You’re telling me you didn’t know you had your own mini fridge?”
   Norman gazed at her for a second, then resumed searching through his drawers. He couldn’t believe she knew more about him than he did. It was unnerving and stimulating at the same time. He moved toward the bed with a new shirt in hand, aware of her eyes still on him.
   “Are you going somewhere?” she asked. The concern in her voice slipped through, and Norman again had to fight the urge to ignore Blake’s message. He kneeled as he gathered his shoes from the floor.
   “I have to go to the precinct,” he said, fitting his shoes one at a time. He glanced up at her, recognizing the oblivious look in her eyes. “Still have to pick up my badge and gun, and get my car.”
   Ashley nodded, her brown eyes falling to the fruit as he stood up. “You should eat something before you go,” she said.
   Norman worked his arm into his shirt. Ashley shifted on the bed, folding her legs tighter as she leaned forward, digging the fork into the cup of fruit. “Cantaloupe,” she said, holding it up.
   “I don’t like cantaloupe,” said Norman, reaching his other arm through the sleeve and working his shirt flat against his chest. He saw the corner of Ashley’s mouth rise in a smile.
   “How do you know?” she said.
   Norman narrowed his gaze at her, unable to stop his breath of laughter. “I just… don’t like it.”
   Ashley stabbed another piece of the orange fruit. “When did you last try it?” she said. Norman shook his head as he buttoned his shirt.
   “I don’t know… ten years ago?”
   “Then how do you know you still don’t like it?” Ashley stared at him, her eyes blank as if daring him to reply. Norman paused, giving his full attention. A combination of frustration and confusion dashed through him, immediately followed by that nervous twinge. She was doing it again. And despite himself, he was starting to love it.
   He moved toward her, and she held up the fork with the fruit in front of his mouth. He stared at it for a moment, then reluctantly picked up the fruit in his teeth, chewing slowly. It was slightly warm, and the oily juices were disappointingly flat. He tensed his face as he forced himself to observe the flavor, and looked at Ashley. She flexed her shoulders, biting her lip and gazing at him with lit eyes as she shook with laughter.
   Norman couldn’t help his own smile as he straightened, struggling to swallow the last of the fruit. “Thanks. Now I’ve got another ten years.” He reached for his gray jacket, watching as she took another bite of cantaloupe. He motioned towards her. “Try not to get any of that on my shirt.”
   Ashley froze, her eyes wide. She lowered the cup of fruit. “God damn, you are so possessive.” She slammed the cup of fruit on the bedside table and flung herself onto her back, her legs drawn up. “Would you like your shirt back?” She began to unbutton the shirt from her collar, working her fingers down.
   Norman felt his face flush, and his heart began to pound. In almost desperate energy, he moved forward, closing his hands over hers. “Stop,” he said.
   Ashley’s eyes flashed in worry. Her face fell, and she stared up at him. “Why?”
   Norman laced his fingers into hers, pulling her hand away from the shirt and bracing it over her head against the mattress. He leaned over her, the familiar ache in his chest returning. “Because I’ll never get out of this hotel room,” he said. He lowered himself down to her, and the electric cascade fell over him as he closed his mouth over hers.
   He felt her rise slightly, breathing sharply against him and her fingers flexed in between his. Her hand slid over his neck as he took each closing of her lips, pulling him closer into her. The soft brush of her tongue brought with it the taste of the cantaloupe, so subtle and warm. It was nothing like the flavor of the fruit. In her mouth, it was perfect. He shifted himself further onto her, letting her guide him as the electric sensation threatened to overwhelm him.
   He paused against her, resting his forehead against hers as the electricity hovered through him. A dull groan escaped him. “I have to go,” he said. He raised himself slightly, every muscle in his body screaming to stay put as he met her gaze. Her half-smile had returned, and her brown eyes burned with passionate energy. He clenched her hand, forcing himself to move. “God, I have to go,” he repeated.
   He stood up before he had a chance to change his mind. He heard Ashley sit up as he moved towards the door, fitting his jacket over his shoulders. There would be time. He wouldn’t be gone long. It was unreal how desperately he wanted to stay. He was so wrapped up in her, he could hardly believe it.
   Norman threw a quick glance at her, allowing himself a moment to take her in. She had one leg drawn up with her arms wrapped around it, the shirt pulled sideways to reveal part of her shoulder. His wrinkled, dirty shirt looked so good on her. As if she was made for it. Made for him.
   She leaned forward slightly, pressing her lip to her thumb as she gazed at him. The motion sent a nervous shiver through him, and he looked away quickly. The sooner he got this done, the sooner he could return to her. He drew in a deep breath and opened the hotel room door, stepping through, and letting it slam closed behind him.
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 22: Clear Skies
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Two things. I'm never going to think the same of cantaloupe again. And I just realized Norman would be a dickhead of a boyfriend. He must have pissed off a lot of girls in college. It's a good thing Ashley seems to just let it brush off her.
Bruno and Me in Prismacolor pencils
Didn't realize I haven't posted this. In fact, haven't posted pictures in a while. Just check out that freakin' wall of Heavy Rain: ARI. Knock on wood, I think I'm almost done.

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   “I didn’t say I was a seamstress,” said Ashley. She leaned forward and there was a snapping sound as she bit the thread with her teeth.
   “Christ…” Norman shifted the lamp along the table. “Do you want some scissors?”
   Ashley looked up at him, blowing puffs of air to get rid of the loose thread on her lip. “Well it’s too late now.” Shadows from the window danced on her face as rain battered the hotel. She looked down again, hunched over the jacket. Norman leaned over her, studying her work.
   “Really, it looks like a child did this,” he said. He heard Ashley sigh heavily.
   “All that matters is nothing falls out and it doesn’t come undone,” she said. “Anyway, it’s on the inside. No one’s going to see it.”
   “I’m going to see it,” said Norman. Ashley sat up quickly, and Norman found himself nose to nose with her. He felt his face flush as the nervous twinge hit him again.
   “You really want a fifty dollar job on four inches of fabric?” She blew a rope of hair out of her face. Then she looked down again, giving Norman some time to calm his heart. “I thought of you as a frugal kind of guy.”
   Norman laughed lightly, then felt a slow dread fall over him. He’d almost forgotten what it was like to simply enjoy a moment without the urgency of time pressing on him. Although there had been some strange comfort in it. An excuse to pull him away and focus on anything but the current situation. And now that he had all the time to spare, he suddenly wished he had a place to hide again.
   Ashley straightened, folding the jacket closed. “Alright. Let’s see it.”
   Norman stepped back as she pushed away from the desk and stood up. Her form was broken in the dim light, and it took a moment for Norman’s eyes to adjust as she swung the jacket over her shoulders. She fitted her arms in the sleeves, and then plunged her hands into the pockets.
   She glanced up at him, then rolled her shoulders. “Me-tested.” She smiled, stretching her arms into the pockets.
   Norman moved forward, trying his best to shake his nervousness. He pulled the jacket back from her shoulders, leaning forward into her as she drew her hands from the pockets. The subtle peach scent caught his attention, and he avoided her gaze as he swept the jacket around her thin frame.
   He put his hand in the pocket, roughing it a bit. The rolls of the thread ran along his fingers, but the pocket stayed solid. He looked at Ashley. “And me-approved.” He spun the jacket around and hung it on the edge of the desk.
   “What─ serious?” There was a flurry of movement as Ashley stepped in front of him and scooped the jacket up. “No wonder your clothes are falling apart. Are you sure you were nearly killed or do you just throw your stuff anywhere?”
   She moved away from him, and Norman watched as she crossed the room. She’d put her hair back into a short ponytail, falling into the same ponytail, black shirt and jeans profile that Norman had come to know. What he hadn’t expected was to end up here, fixing a jacket that he didn’t care about, and alone with her in his hotel room.
   There was a rumble as the closet door rolled open, and Ashley leaned inside. “What’s the point in getting the presidential suite if you’re not going to use any of this?”
   “It’s not the presidential─” Norman ran a hand over his face. “It was paid for.”
   Ashley paused for a moment. Then she leaned back, twisting to look at Norman with her wide brown eyes. “By who?”
   “By… Washington─ look, why does that matter?” Norman moved toward her as she leaned into the closet again. He heard her muffled laughter as she unhooked a clothes hanger.
   “Well, it didn’t. But now I’m curious.” She threw a glance at him over her shoulder, sending her hair sweeping back. “Did they pay for your car, too?”
   Norman sighed, tilting his head back. “No, it’s mine.”
   “What about your gun? Is that yours?”
   “What kind of question is that?” Norman gripped her arm, and she turned slightly to face him. A pang of shock hit him as he gazed at her, and he let her arm go quickly. “Look, what are you doing?”
   Ashley blinked, her eyes growing wider. “I’m hanging up your jacket.”
   “Not that. I mean…” Norman let out a heavy breath, leaning his shoulder against the wall. “Are you trying to make me uncomfortable?”
   Ashley’s hair fell sideways as she tilted her head, her eyes glinting in the dim light. “Yes?”
   “Please don’t,” said Norman. He ran a hand through his hair, straightening as he realized Ashley had folded the jacket on her arm and was staring at him. He dropped his arm at his side. “What?”
   The corner of her mouth rose, and she shifted her weight. “I didn’t know. All this time I thought I had you figured out.”
   “What’s that supposed to mean?” said Norman. Ashley turned again, reaching into the closet.
   “That you’re scared of letting someone into your personal space,” she said. “I thought this whole time you were scared of everyone else. But that’s not what you’re really scared of.”
   Norman leaned off the wall, trying to ignore the peach fragrance. “Oh yeah?”
   “Yeah.” She turned back again, throwing him another squinted smirk. “It’s you.”
   A numb feeling washed over Norman’s body. He swallowed heavily as Ashley hung the jacket onto the rail and pushed it back.
   “I mean, it all makes sense considering the whole anti-social jerk thing.” She slid the closet door closed and turned. “You and Blake could’ve been best friends─”
   The nervous twinge burned in Norman’s chest, paralyzing his senses as he moved forward into her, holding the side of her neck in one hand and closing his mouth over her lips. It took him a moment to realize where he was as he breathed against her skin, the peach scent threatening to overwhelm him. He paused a moment, letting her pull away slightly so that she rested her forehead against his. It came on slowly. That familiar debilitating closeness. That feeling of terror and excitement at the same time. And for a second, he didn’t feel he was ready for it.
   Ashley moved back, her face coming into view. A nervous energy burned in her eyes, and Norman felt his heart race in panic. It was the same doubtful expression he’d seen when she left his office. Her brows slightly furrowed, and a hesitant glint lit her brown eyes. Norman desperately tried to hold onto the space before she could break it again. He ran his thumb along her jawline, savoring how close his mouth was to hers. He needed to remember this. If it was the worst mistake he’d ever make, he needed to hold onto it forever.
   Ashley’s eyes narrowed slightly. Norman felt his breath quicken as he waited for her to pull away. Then her face disappeared, and a wave of numb energy fell over him as she pressed into him, her lips meeting his again.
Without thinking, he pulled her into him, clutching the small of her back and leaning into her. Pressure along his chest told him she was sliding her hands up, and he felt her wrap her arms over his shoulders. He caught each closing of her mouth with desperate energy, smoothing his hands over her back as if he couldn’t draw her in close enough. This woman─ this person that he’d known for such a short time. She made him so angry. So confused. So happy. So utterly ashamed. And he needed all of it. Everything at once.
   He took small pauses, resting his forehead against hers before tightening his arms over her back and finding her mouth again. Her shaken breath warmed his skin, and the drift of her hand through his hair as her arms tightened caused goosebumps to rise along his neck. The sensation was overwhelming. He could hardly believe he’d been living without this.
   Her hands slid over his shoulders, and he felt her fingers graze his jaw. He paused against her again, his nose pressed against her cheek, and he tilted his head sideways to close his mouth over hers. He felt her fingers tighten along his jawline as she leaned into him, and her chest rose and fell heavily with each breath. Her breathing seemed to fill him with energy, and he pulled her tighter into him as her hands fell along his neck. He was almost completely absorbed in the sensation, and it took him a moment to realize the tug at his collar.
   He relaxed his grip on her and pulled away slightly. In the dim light, he found her face again, her brown eyes alight in energy. He struggled to reorganize his thoughts in the midst of his overwhelming euphoria. She’d done something with his collar. No… a cascade of shocking realization fell over him. She was loosening his tie.
   Her mouth tensed and her eyes wrinkled slightly in the smallest hint of a smile. Norman felt her fingers work again, and his collar loosened around his neck. Then she moved into him again, breathing in as her mouth closed against his, and he felt the tie slide free.
   A strange sense of surrender seemed to take over his body. He held onto her waist as her hands moved down his shirt, undoing the buttons one by one. His heart pounded, and he thought his chest would burst as he arched into her, pressing his mouth against hers. As her hands reached his waist, she leaned into him, pulling his shirt loose from underneath his belt. He felt her straighten, and then she gripped his shirt and coat at his collar. Norman rolled his shoulders back, and she pushed it away from his chest so that it fell along his arms onto the floor.
   His skin was chilled, though he couldn’t be sure if it was from the cold air or the electric sensation he was experiencing. He pulled her into him again by the waist, pausing again to let his senses catch up with him. He felt her hot breath against his skin, travelling down his cheek as she tilted her head into his neck. A soft brush along his chest sent a shiver through his body as her hands drifted down his midsection, exploring the bumps and ridges of his waist. He’d never wanted to be so exposed. So vulnerable. And at the same time, he’d never felt safer in his life.
   He drew in a sharp breath, a wave of ice flowing through him as he felt the shocking warm wet touch of her mouth on his shoulder. The peach fragrance overtook him as he pressed his mouth to her hair. Her slender body moved against him, and her hands left his waist. Then her body arched back, her elbows drawing up in front of her, pulling up the black fabric of her clothes. It swept over her head, and she lowered her arms as her shirt dropped, leaving her slender upper body bare in the soft light.
   Norman stood somewhat frozen in front of her, a sweet terror keeping him still as she slowly moved into him. He caught a glimpse of her face as she slid her hands over his shoulders, her brown eyes focused on his in a determined gaze. Then her head fell sideways and she pressed into him again, her breath warming his cheek. Her slender body locked against his, brushing against his bare skin, and he carefully allowed himself to slide his hands up her waist. He traced the contours of her torso, a nervous thrill burning through him as he ran his thumbs over the outer curves of her breasts. She was really giving herself to him. Completely and willingly. He hardly felt worthy of it.
   He slid his hands over her back, drawing in the details of her skin and how her muscles flexed as she moved against him. She was so slender. So delicate. And yet perfect in every way. He pulled her into him as her hands drifted down over his chest again. She twisted slightly, fumbling with something. He felt her pull his arms, covering his hands on her sides with her own. She paused against him, breathing heavily against his neck, and then Norman felt her push his hands down. His fingers swept over the curves of her body, smoothing down to her waist until they touched the top of her jeans. He gripped her sides, his heart pounding so heavily he thought it would burst from his chest. Then she pushed down again, sliding his hands under the hem of her jeans so his thumbs hooked onto it, and he traced the slope of her hips as he pulled the jeans low enough until they fell free onto the floor.
   There was a light shuffle as Ashley pushed him backward slightly, stepping up to him with her eyes locked on his. She reached up again, twisting her head slightly as she fumbled something behind her head. Her hair fell loose, falling over her shoulders in a sweep of messy locks and framing her face in a curtain of brown. Norman slid a hand over her neck, brushing away part of the curtain as he moved into her again. Her trembled breaths betrayed her surrender to him. It shook what little remained of his own sense of control, and he dared to run his hand down her neck, over her delicate collarbone, and over her breast.
   A brush of warm air hit him as Ashley exhaled. She pushed into him again, and Norman felt a tug at his hips as she unbuckled his belt.
   A surge of energy flowed through him, and a powerful hunger took over. Without hesitating, he pulled her to the side, walking her backwards as she continued to loosen his pants. She worked with almost desperate intent, and he felt a tremor as she pushed her fingers into his pants, pulling everything free from him.
   He immediately leaned forward, pushing her back onto the bed with a new sense of urgency. She pulled herself further onto the bed, her hand against Norman’s neck as if guiding him to her. He followed, hovering over her as she stopped, her face barely visible in the light and her hair splayed back over the sheets in soft waves. Her wide brown eyes gleamed in the darkness, reflecting a desperate glimmer of the clueless expression he’d fallen so hard for. Sharp breaths escaped her lips, her mouth open slightly and her chest heaving as she gazed at him. She was completely undone. And it was all for him.
   Norman lowered himself down onto her, finding her mouth again. Her body arched against him and he felt her leg slide against his hip, sending another wave of powerful desire through him. He ran a hand along her body, brushing it against her other leg and hooking his fingers under her knee, slowly bringing it up. Her heavy breaths were almost sending him into a frenzy, urging him not to stop. He could taste the desire on her skin and feel it in the tense strain of her muscles, filling his core with burning pressure. He closed his mouth against her jaw. Then he arched his hips, pulling her leg up as he slid himself inside her.
   An encompassing warmth captured him, starting at his pelvis and slowly spreading. He felt Ashley rise slightly, her mouth falling open and a heavy sigh leaving her, broken by her soft voice. It spurred him on, and he gently rocked his hips into her. Each pulse gradually fed this warmth, filling him with stronger purpose. This was where he’d always wanted to be. All of the doubt and uncertainty he’d experienced… it all led to this. Being here with her, completely exposed and wrapped up in her at the same time. And every fiber of him was urging him for more.
   He pulled her knee up so that her leg locked over his waist, and he pressed his nose into her cheek as her desperate breaths echoed in his ear. He felt her hands slide down his chest and brush against his tense waist, clenching slowly over his back. The sensation made him rock harder, deeper into her. The burning energy was taking complete control, moving his body automatically against her as if it was the only thing he had left.
   He pressed his hand against her neck, tilting her head towards him to find her mouth again. She breathed in deep against his skin and then opened her mouth, her heavy breaths warming his lips. Her voice broke through with each breath, feeding the energy that kept him moving. He slid a hand down her waist and and cupped her jaw with the other. She was falling over the edge. All because of him. And it was intoxicating.
   He pressed his mouth against hers and rolled sideways onto his back, carrying her with him clenched to his body. Her hair fell forward and encircled his face, brushing against his skin. He pushed it back behind her ear, bringing light to her brown eyes. An exhausted energy burned in them like he had never seen. She gazed back into his eyes for a moment, and then she began to roll her hips back and forth into him, bringing back the burning pressure in his core.
   He gripped her waist, clenching his hands with each motion as she slowly raised herself. Her eyes fell closed and her head tilted, causing her hair to fall sideways. Her hand drifted along his chest, propping herself up, and her bare body glowed in the dim light. She was perfect. Her slender body curved at her hips, tapering up to her delicate bare arms. Her collarbones glistened with fresh sweat, and her round breasts were smooth and firm. Norman ran a hand over her body as she continued to roll her pelvis into him, and his fingers brushed along the jagged sutures in her lower abdomen. The only thing marring her perfect form.
   She hissed in a breath of air and jolted slightly, her legs tensing on either side of him. An icy cascade flowed through him, and he pressed his hand to her neck as her hips slowed. She didn’t deserve to have that on her body. Her muscles and skin were too perfect to have that gash. But somehow, Norman felt himself burn deeper for it.
   Ashley reached up, lacing her fingers over his hand against her face. He watched as she pulled his hand down to her hip, and pushed up, gliding over the sutures. His hand slid over the contours of her waist, and then she pushed his hand against her breast, clenching her fingers between his.
   Her head fell back, and her pelvis rolled into him with renewed energy. The surge of warm pressure filled his body, and Norman tightened his fingers over her breast, watching her knuckles turn white. Her voice returned with each breath, her chest heaving as her body worked harder onto him. The burning urge in his core was growing with an overwhelming desperation, and he found himself breathing heavier.
   He pulled her down onto him again, closing his mouth over hers as he rolled on top of her. He pulled her knee up as she wrapped her arms over his shoulders, and he rocked his pelvis into her with greater force. He needed her to lose control. To give up everything until it was just him driving her over the brink. And she needed to take him with her.
   Ashley raised her body into him, her hands clenched on his back as her exhausted voice filled the room. Her legs bent, and he felt her lock them over his hips, bringing him further into her. Her breath moistened his skin as her mouth opened against his, her nose pressed into his cheek. Her body was growing tighter around him, warming the pressure at his core. He slid his hand over her leg as he rocked himself into her. It was building. And as she breathed heavier against him, he felt her body suddenly shake.
   She drew her knees up further, and her hands clawed into his skin. A desperate moan escaped her as she arched her back, driving him deep into her. Norman let out a sharp breath as a jolt of energy shot through him. She was losing it. Losing everything. He pushed himself against her, and the pressure in his core suddenly released in a euphoric wave.
   His body seized, and a light groan left him. He felt himself push deeper, the release igniting his senses until he lost all thought. It was nothing and everything at once. It was ecstasy.
Norman rocked slowly into her as the wave faded, leaving him mildly dazed. His chest pressed against hers as exhaustion overtook him, his breath mingling with hers. He felt Ashley’s body relax under him, and her hands drifted over his back as she breathed heavily into him. For a while, neither of them moved.
   Slowly, Norman shifted sideways, resting slightly on top of her, his nose overlapping hers as he laid his head on the pillow. He slid his hand to her neck, running his thumb over her cheek. He could just barely make out the outline of her face in the darkness, her eyes closed and her chest heaving. Her hair was pulled back from her face, revealing the delicate line of her neck and shoulders. She seemed completely oblivious─ lost in exhaustion. And despite himself, Norman felt a swell of pleasure.
   He smoothed his thumb along her jawline as her breathing calmed. Sweat beaded her body, causing her skin to glisten in the low light. Norman couldn’t help but study her, taking in the detail of her skin and the curve of her body. He’d never felt so complete as he was laying with her, totally spent physically and mentally but in a way that he’d give again in a heartbeat. And in place of what he’d given was everything he didn’t know he wanted. Every part of him that had caused him fear and doubt was now filled by her.
   His mind swam as her soft breath warmed his cheek. He could never have imagined that three days would lead him here. Three days of dodging the subject, wrong impressions, and mistakes on all sides. There was nothing that mattered more than this. Nothing that could pull him from her ever again…
   A deep dread crept slowly into his chest. He paused as he brushed his hand over her cheek. There was something. Time was working against him. Everything was finished. The Origami killings were over. And Norman’s time here was going to be over soon as well.
   It seemed such a trivial thing. He struggled even to comprehend it. Three hour’s distance was nothing. And at the same time, it terrified him. He smoothed his palm over Ashley’s neck, gazing over the soft curve of her jaw and the angle of her nose. She meant too much to him now. He needed this. He needed her. And there was no compromise he’d settle for if it meant leaving her behind.
   Ashley shifted slightly, her nose brushing his. Norman felt his heart skip a beat.
   “Come to Washington with me,” he said.
   It took Norman a second to realize what he’d said. Ashley’s brown eyes opened, blinking with weariness as she focused on him. She shook her head slightly.
   “What?” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.
   Norman smoothed his thumb over her cheek. “Come back to Washington with me.” A slight panic burned through him as he gazed at her through the dark. It didn’t matter what happened later. She simply needed to say yes.
   Ashley stared at him, her eyes studying as if she were reading him. Then she closed her eyes, a small smile forming on her lips. “Are you asking me this now because I’m in utter ecstasy…”
   Norman pressed his thumb and forefinger to her jaw, drawing her attention back. “I want you to come back to Washington with me,” he said. “I’m in love with you, Ashley.”
   Her eyes burned with renewed focus. Through the dark, he saw her throat work, sending beads of sweat trickling down her neck. She lowered her gaze, and Norman’s heart raced. There was nothing left to hide from her. He was completely exposed. And somehow he felt more vulnerable than anything he’d experienced that night.
   Her eyes met his again, and for a moment, his breath was caught in his throat. She bit her lip.
   “Okay,” she said. Her mouth parted in a smile, and a hint of the clueless expression danced in her eyes. “Sure.”
   A wave of relief washed through him. He breathed a small laugh, running his thumb over her jaw. She shifted closer into him, lowering her gaze again.
   “I can’t say no to you anyways,” she said. Her eyes met his. “I love you.”
   For a moment, Norman was still as a numb cascade fell over him. Then he pulled her forward, closing his mouth over hers. His heart pounded in his chest, and he felt her wrap an arm around him.
   He pulled away slightly, resting his forehead against hers. “Say it again.”
   Ashley’s breath warmed his mouth as her chest rose and fell. She pressed her hand against the side of his neck. “I love you, Norman Jayden.” Then her hand slipped through his hair as Norman slid onto her, the warm pressure burning through him once again.
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 21: Obsession
Chapter 1: The Dog
Chapter 2: ARI
Chapter 3: Briefing
Chapter 4: She-Devil
Chapter 5: Good Cop, Bad Cop
Chapter 6: Separate Ways
Chapter 7: The Well
Chapter 8: Karma
Chapter 9: Fugitive
Chapter 10: Triptocaine
Chapter 11: Clue
Chapter 12: Mad Jack
Chapter 13: Ethan Mars
Chapter 14: Club Synn
Chapter 15: Loss
Chapter 16: A Reason To Live
Chapter 17: The Origami Killer
Chapter 18: The Old Warehouse
Chapter 19: Surrender
Chapter 20: Paper
Chapter 22: Clear Skies

A little late for Valentine's Day, but jeeesus this chapter was hard to write. Took about a week and tons of Thomas Newman.
   “Yes, the PPD can confirm that the Origami Killer was killed during a police operation on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Shaun Mars was rescued, and no one else has been harmed.”
   “You said yesterday that the Origami Killer had been apprehended. Isn’t Ethan Mars the killer?”
   “It has since been discovered that Ethan Mars was innocent. He was apparently manipulated by the Origami Killer in a sick series of trials that are still being investigated. We should have more information on that later.”
   “If Ethan Mars wasn’t the Origami Killer, who was?”
   “We’re not relaying that information just yet out of respect for the families involved.”
   “There’s a rumor that the Origami Killer may have been a retired police officer from this precinct. Can you comment on that, Captain?”
   Norman had to fight his laughter at the shocked look on Perry’s face. Perry cleared his throat and adjusted his hands on the podium.
   “We can’t confirm that to the public at this point.”
   Norman leaned sideways slightly, bumping into Ashley’s arm. “Was that you?”
   Ashley lowered her arm, her lip still slightly white where she’d been pressing her thumb. “Well, no one was looking. I just sort of… you know.”
   Norman laughed, struggling to keep quiet. “Yeah, I know.” He unfolded his leather jacket as Perry fumbled his way through another question.
   “I guess this means I don’t owe you another one?”
   Norman looked sideways at Ashley who glanced at his leather jacket. Her mouth spread in a small smile, and she reached for it. The nervous twinge floated through his chest, and Norman had to breathe deeply to calm his heart. It was something he was still getting used to. He handed her the jacket, and she opened it carefully.
   “At least all my ideas were good ideas,” said Ashley. She fitted her arms into the jacket, clenching it closed against her neck.
   “You mean all the ideas where people died?” He turned to smile at her and froze solid at the murderous look on Ashley’s face. She stared at him for a moment, then dropped her shoulders and plunged her hands into the jacket pockets.
   “So how many buildings did you scout because you were too dumb to get around a simple traffic surveillance authorization?” she said with a smirk on her face. Norman leaned his head back, relief fighting his humiliation.
   “For your information,” he said. “None.” He watched as Ashley flexed her shoulders, giving him a mock-glare. Then she stretched her arm, her hand appearing from the bottom of his jacket.
   She glanced down at the jacket, then back up to Norman. “So much for no holes.”
   Norman sighed heavily. “I can get it fixed.” He gazed at the podium where Perry was pointing to one of the journalists and stammering a reply. It was far more entertaining this time than the morning of Norman’s arrival, partially because half of what Perry said was a lie, and the other half a poor omission of the truth.
   Norman turned curiously, then stopped. Ashley stood silently, one hand stuffed firmly in the coat pocket, and the other holding a small paper dog.
   He moved towards her, staring at the small dog. “Where did you get that?”
   “It was in your pocket,” said Ashley. “Your─ jacket pocket I mean.” She glanced up at Norman, and he met her nervous gaze. A flicker of apprehension held him still, but he shook it off almost immediately. Perhaps Ethan had forgotten it before he’d returned the jacket.
   Norman took the paper dog from Ashley, throwing her another glance. Then carefully, he unfolded it. It took him a few moments to peel the edges from the folds, and he stretched it flat. The page was blank.
   Ashley breathed a heavy sigh next to him. “Just a paper dog.”
   “Yeah.” Norman glared at the paper, then crumpled it in his hand. “Just a paper dog.” He looked up at her, meeting her nervous brown eyes. It was obvious how close they’d been to losing Shaun. A mysterious reminder was the last thing he needed after finally allowing his nerves to settle. It already felt like the longest day of his life, and it was still getting longer.
   He sighed and ran a hand over his face, letting the drone of the assembly swallow him again. His mind was foggy and tired of being worried. Part of him was relieved that he would be congratulated on his return to Washington instead of being fired, but whenever he approached that train of thought, he’d hit a wall. It was unnerving to think of his return to Washington. Something that he’d hoped and prayed for since he first arrived in Philadelphia, but now felt like a terrible betrayal.
   Norman looked at Ashley who was staring at the podium, pressing a thumb to her lip so that it wrinkled. It was happening again─ that subject he hated so much. He shifted his weight, but stopped as Ashley’s expression brightened in shock. Norman followed her gaze toward the podium.
   “Well, as a matter of fact, he’s here and available to give his account,” said Perry.
   “Can we hear it, sir?” Several of the reporters raised their pens, and some straightened to look around. Norman felt his face flush. They couldn’t be talking about him…
   “Absolutely.” Perry looked over the crowd, and Norman found himself looking into Perry’s eyes. Norman swallowed. He’d never considered that the case would turn him into a hero. And in the very precinct that hated him. It was almost comical.
   He felt Ashley move into him as Perry waved a hand. “Let me invite him up.” Perry turned to his left. “Lieutenant Carter Blake?”
   The floor seemed to fall from under him as Norman watched Perry step down from the podium. Blake appeared, standing out against the gray backdrop in his usual black trenchcoat, pausing to shake hands with Perry before stepping up to the podium. The room ignited in white flashes as people rose to take photographs, and about twenty hands shot into the air accompanied by a roaring of questions.
   Blake shifted as he put one hand on the podium, looking around the room slowly with a smug smile. Then he straightened as his eyes fell on Norman, his smile growing a bit wider.
   For what seemed an eternity, Norman was frozen, a sick numbness spreading through his body. He couldn’t believe it. After everything he’d done… after all the mistakes that Blake had made… the complete fallacy of Ethan Mars as the Origami Killer… they’d have the gall to say Blake was the hero?
   He gazed back at Blake, unable to move. Blake’s tweaked beard and wicked eyes practically screamed usurper. How could he even tell the story without lying about every bit of it? What could they possibly hope to achieve…
   A slow wave fell over Norman. He felt his shoulders sink, and his fists relaxed. The roar of the crowd seemed to grow silent as he stared over them. Everything looked so well in place. The hero of Philadelphia. The street cop that made it to the top. Perfectly placed in his perfect precinct in the perfect little town.
   Norman stared back at Blake, and unwittingly felt his mouth shift into a small smile. Then he blinked slowly, giving a small nod.
   Blake’s eyes narrowed, and his smile fell a bit. Then he gazed down at the podium and cleared his throat. “Well, let me start off by saying it was a great honor to save Shaun Mars…”
   “That─ I can’t─ bullshit!” Ashley moved forward slightly. “What the hell is this? They really think they can do this? How can they─” Ashley’s brown eyes lit up in anger as she looked sideways at Norman. “What’s going on?” She turned to face him, her mouth slightly open in disbelief. “You’re not just going to let this asshole take all of the credit?”
   Norman watched as Blake ticked one of the raised pens. He barely listened to what Blake was saying. Blake sure had a way of acting like he wasn’t the world’s biggest liar. And the longer Norman watched him, the more he was convinced that there was no way Norman could even fake the charisma and pride that Blake showed.
   “Norman?” There was a tug, and Norman found himself looking at Ashley. She tilted her head at him, her brown hair falling sideways. Her brows were narrowed, giving her eyes a bright glint. That nervous jolt shot through him again. He shifted slightly on the spot.
   “Want to get out of here?” he said.
   Ashley’s eyes went wide. She straightened. “Are you serious? What about─” she motioned towards the crowd, “─everything?
   Norman glanced at the podium. “I think Blake’s got it covered.” He turned back to her, laughing through his nose at the shocked look on Ashley’s face. He jerked his shoulder. “Come on.”
   “How can you… but─” Ashley looked towards the podium. “But Blake─”
   “Come on.” Norman stepped back towards the double doors of the lobby. “I want to get my jacket fixed.”
   Ashley slowly moved with him, her brown eyes furrowed in a suspicious glare. “Fix your jacket. Fix your goddamn jacket.”
   “I like my jacket,” said Norman.
   “I like not watching egocentric pricks get everything they don’t deserve,” said Ashley.
   Norman stopped. “Is that a stab at me?”
   Ashley froze, her eyes becoming more narrow. She slowly shook her head and moved past him. Norman followed, struggling to hide his smile.
“You want your jacket fixed,” said Ashley. “I’ll fix your stupid jacket.”
Heavy Rain: ARI Chapter 20: Paper
Chapter 1: The Dog
Chapter 2: ARI
Chapter 3: Briefing
Chapter 4: She-Devil
Chapter 5: Good Cop, Bad Cop
Chapter 6: Separate Ways
Chapter 7: The Well
Chapter 8: Karma
Chapter 9: Fugitive
Chapter 10: Triptocaine
Chapter 11: Clue
Chapter 12: Mad Jack
Chapter 13: Ethan Mars
Chapter 14: Club Synn
Chapter 15: Loss
Chapter 16: A Reason To Live
Chapter 17: The Origami Killer
Chapter 18: The Old Warehouse
Chapter 19: Surrender
Chapter 21: Obsession
Chapter 22: Clear Skies

Fine Blake. You can have the credit. While Nahman walks away with the girl :D (Big Grin) 
Because I got flagged by Deviantart for trying to send thank yous to all 200 or so far who've favorited and given me llamas LOL  Here's a big thank you to you guys! You're all awesome!

Warfstache Thank You by Laffeetaffee


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